Welcome in Besançon

Besançon, center of the touristic «Franche-Comté»; 2400 hectares of green space; hiking and sign-posted circuits to discover its ancient center of remarkable heritage, situated in the heart of wonderful nature at the Doubs and sheltered by the fortifications of the architect Vauban (registered on the World Heritage of UNESCO).

City of Art and History, animated by its Citadel, museums, Besançon is the cradle of Victor Hugo, Charles Nodier, or the Lumière brothers. It is also here where Circus Plume was born.

Besançon also has two boat stops in the heart of the city center where the harbor of st. Paul allows you to stay with your boat, from one day or up to a year.

Discover Besançon

Boat rental

Along the water, take the time to admire the many monuments that mark the loop of Besançon.

With family or friends, for an unforgettable walk, the electric boats “Doubs Plaisance” await you!

Around Besançon

Discover thirty traditional buildings from the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries, dismantled from their place of origin and rigorously reassembled on site and furnished.

This cave is one of to the largest European cave bear necropolis, between stalactites and stalagmites, this incredible geological landscape will not stop surprising you.

This fortress, built in the 13th century, has always been a strategic pass between France and Switzerland.

Located in Arc-et-Senans, this utopian city, built by Claude Nicolas Ledoux in the 18th century, reveals an exceptional architecture, classified since 1982 as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Family trip

Find the leisure park “Les Campaines” to enjoy forty games and activities in a green nature setting. A park where you can expect fun, and a good atmosphere !


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